We are proud of the compliments we receive from residents and their families, and continue to live up to the expectations created by them.

“I enjoy it here! That’s why I’m here! We have lots of fun!” ~ Alma H. (resident)

“It’s not home, but I’ve made it a positive experience for myself. I like the privacy of having my own room. The staff are good to me and I enjoy the cooking.” ~ Cecelia H. (resident)

“Wellington Place has good food, a caring staff and a fantastic location. From a happy camper.” ~ Mary S. (resident)

“I like to be taken care of. The caregivers do a good job. I’ve been here nine years!” ~ Dolores O. (resident)

“I love it here. I love the care and the good food! I feel safe. The cook is wonderful here! The breakfasts are just out of this world! I was just telling my kids that I hope the cook is here as long as I am.” ~ Edna B. (resident)

Wellington Place
at Fort Atkinson

200 South Water St W
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 53538
Phone 920.563.6959

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